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Commitment to a Racially Just Campus

MiraCosta College is furthering its efforts in creating a just, equitable, and inclusive campus by providing two books to read and have discussions this academic year (How to be an Antiracist and So You Want to Talk About Race).  Details of the book distributions will follow.  Also, the college is creating an opportunity for a public individual commitment to the institution’s commitment statement as follows:
MiraCosta College is committed to creating a racially just campus climate. Individuals and their diverse cultures and identities are welcomed, nurtured, and validated. MiraCosta College takes institutional responsibility for closing the equity gap for disproportionately-impacted populations including Latinx and Chicanx communities, Black and African American communities, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander communities, Native American communities, lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer/questioning, intersex, and asexual (LGBTQIA+) communities, veteran communities, former foster youth, adult students, and students from low socioeconomic statuses. MiraCosta will continue to serve all constituents with values rooted in equity, diversity, inclusion, and community.

Individual Commitment

As a member of MiraCosta College’s community, I commit to uphold the tenents of the MiraCosta College Commitment Statement, actively working to remove barriers for disproportionately-impacted populations, engaging in continual learning, and holding myself accountable through my actions and behaviors for creating a just, equitable, and inclusive campus.